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Danam Construction and Constructions Lacourse have combined their unique strengths to create the future of residential real estate in the Greater Montreal area. Every project, whether in Mascouche, Mirabel or surrounding areas, is imagined, designed, built and managed from A to Z to provide an unmatched quality of life to our residents.

Discover a new experience in real estate with an integrated vision that brings together design, construction and long-term real-estate management.

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Explore rental condos that have been carefully designed to provide one-of-a-kind living environments. These exceptional projects include over 4000 units that have been well thought-out, all the way down to the smallest details.

A successful partnership between two seasoned builders

The partnership between Danam Construction and Constructions Lacourse was the subject of an article published in Québec Entreprise magazine… Read the article here.

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