Danam Lacourse:
A successful partnership between 2 seasoned builders

The logical (and sensible) partnership between Danam Construction and Constructions Lacourse was the subject of a report in 2021 in Québec Entreprise magazine.

Québec Entreprise, a pivotal business magazine in Quebec, has published a comprehensive, in-depth portrait of Danam Lacourse’s founders, while mentioning a few rental condo projects that have helped build its reputation.


Our people-driven mindset was also mentioned throughout the article, thanks to the words of the entrepreneurs and the photos of current projects.

“Everything revolves around people, their well-being and their quality of life. We listen to customers. We’re attentive to what they’re looking for and what they want to feel as a living experience.”

For more information, read the article published in Québec Entreprise magazine: :